Sunday, November 2, 2008

Extra Hour

I'm spending that extra hour from daylight saving time by balancing my checkbook. Quicken, the humorous little thing that it is, believes that I have an upcoming payment to Starbucks.

Hmm.... Maybe it is right.

Lets see, to recap. I bought a digital piano. It sounds absolutely gorgeous. No, I don't mean my playing. But if someone who actually could play the piano well would play on it, it would be gorgeous. I pound out chords and have fun, so I guess that's all that matters. The sucker is heav-y! Solid wood top, weighted, pressure-sensitive keys, wooden slide-out key cover. I love it. And it's a great place to plop junk mail on. I'm debating buying a USB-to-MIDI adapter to plug into it. Then I'd have my own computer-controlled player-piano. How sweet is that!

While in the process of buying said digital piano, I dropped my phone, cracking the LCD. It still worked, but I could no longer read anything on the screen. So I had to use the slide-out keyboard to make calls. If I had your phone number memorized. Things got bad one night after church when I was trying to check my voicemail and curb jumped out at me.

To my rescue, my dad had the same exact model (which he stopped using, gave to my bro-in-law, and he stopped using) and so they mailed it off to me. I got it yesterday, and got it all set up. Very nice! Until I can afford a Blackberry Storm or HTC Touch Diamond (drool). But not after buying a digital piano (it's an *or* thing, not an *and* thing). But using my dad's old phone will tide me over several months until I can save up.

I haven't taken pictures in a while, I think I've missed the fall changing of the leaves. They were pretty cool lookin' this year tho.

Okay, back to balancing my checkbook. More to come!