Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 6: En route to the Panama Canal

And we're off! For those of you out there who love seeing the cool GPS track: *hums the Indiana Jones theme song*

And don't forget, you can click on the graphic for an actual interactive Google Map!

Lets see... another sea day, what oh what were we to do. Well there's always food! Actually, we had a few things going on during this sea day. Captain Puckett gave another guest speech on what to watch for when traveling through the Panama Canal, which we would do the following day. He was again very informative, and gave us lots of facts about going through the canal, what to watch for, what happens, etc. He was definitely entertaining and worth listening to. For future cruisers going through the Panama Canal, I hope they bring him back!

One really cool thing they do on the Disney Cruise Line is show a new first-run Disney movie if it premier's during the cruise. They announced a midnight showing of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I would have totally gone, but it was the evening before (or morning of) that we would be going through the canal. I didn't want to be so tired. Also, the next evening, after going through the canal, they showed the movie as the evening entertainment. Good enough for me!

Not a whole lot of interest happened on this sea day, but I can talk about something near and dear to the hearts of Disney fans (and employees) everywhere: merchandise! There was a lot of special merchandise on the trip, obviously because of it's rarity. There were plenty of Panama Canal crossing gear, hats, shirts, sweatshirts, pins, postcards, mugs, magnets, luggage tags, and more. I took several pics, then there's the stuff I ended up bringing home with me too. Some were definitely Panama Canal themed, others I just found funny! Here is a little gallery of sorts of some of the merchandise from the ship:

Check back at for pictures and my blabbering on the Panama Canal!

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