Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 10: Acapulco

20080519_121008Acapulco... a city with a mysterious name. Supposedly the Pacific coast resort town became famous because Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton came here for their honeymoon, and the rest is history. Something like that. It was a big, interesting, busy place.

We pulled into the harbor later in the morning, around 10:30-11am. My family had a city tour bus ride with the famous Acapulco cliff divers. It was pretty cool. I've been trying to work on a neat slideshow, frame by frame of the cliff divers diving off the cliff, but it is going to take waaaay too long to finish. Maybe another blog entry!

20080519_121017The city tour took us down the main drag and through Acapulco's three districts. I don't remember what they are, diamond, gold, and silver? Something like that.

We went down and drove by a really expensive area, armed guards at entrances and we couldn't really go anywhere. I got a few good shots from the bus tho.

This is a really nice looking area that we didn't get to go see. I looked very scenic, a beautiful little cove with a wonderful beach:


We drove past this nice hotel, it was Mayan-inspired, can't you tell??


For my good friends Jeremy and Amanda, Mexican gelato (with Internet access):


We did see the cliff divers. If I find the inspiration, I'll make a cool animation of them jumping from the cliff. Or you can just take my word that they did it and save me the trouble!


My grandparents ended up on a different bus somehow, I personally don't think that Jewish Mexican tour buses scare me, but I guess there's always exceptions!


Dinner the night of Acapulco was the Mexican Riviera night, complete with Minnie's Mexican Party (or something like that) later that evening:

20080519_180338 20080519_180548 20080519_22282620080519_190657 20080519_220510

I met Suzi (on the left) in the cafe one evening, and we chatted for a bit. I saw her later at the Minnie party serving drinks and posing for someone else, so I decided to snap a shot myself! I found out later, Suzi had her wisdom teeth pulled when we stopped in Cabo San Lucas. Ouch!


We pulled out of port about 10:00pm local time, waving goodbye to the city of Acapulco.

20080519_220711 20080519_221034

One interesting shot, taken on deck 10 aft, on the right is Palo (mmmmmm), with the ship's stacks and the bright moon in the distance.


That's it for now! Our next night would feature two special guests, who all children of the early 90s will recognize. Check back soon for our special guest, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Los Angeles at!

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Christy said...

I've seen those cliff divers a couple of times... crazy. Its a tour I could do without seeing again! I HATED at the end of the "dive" when the divers came out to try and get tips from everyone - they were such jerks!! They came up to me and my Mom and said "okay, we are here! We are the cliff divers!" and strutted around in their speedos. Yikes!
Yeah... Acapulco... 'nuff said.