Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

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1. Sometimes I lack motivation.
2. Certain things I am Type A. Most things I am Type B.
3. I like to think of myself as Type AB positive.
4. I don't know my real blood type.
5. I am a Christian, although I consider myself to need a lot of work.
6. I've decided I am an extroverted introvert.
7. I love VH1's pop-up video.
8. That's what she said.
9. I had a cat growing up, I named her K.C., "just like Kansas City." Foreshadowed?
10. K.C. died after 20-plus years, after I moved to Kansas City.
11. My Guitar Hero band is named The Saucy Nuggets.
12. My geeky Linux server is named orangepeel.
13. Alton Brown is my other hero.
14. I don't watch much TV, besides the morning weather, The Office, Family Guy, the San Francisco Giants, San Jose Sharks, San Francisco 49ers, and any other sport on TV.
15. I laugh at my own jokes. Unless they're really bad. Then I chortle. For days.
16. When I graduated 8th grade, my teacher gave me a certificate that said I was allowed to tell my jokes.... after June 10th, 1994. (graduation day). I still have it.
17. I like humor because it's a sweet escape.
18. I like plain white t's. The band is cool too.
19. I like the name Delilah.
20. I think it'd be funny to see "Delilah's Salon."
22. I wouldn't get my hair cut there.
23. I love to sing. It's fire in my bones.
24. I am bad at math.
21. Just kidding.
25. I love photography.

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Rick J said...

Hey Jeremy, I saw your comment on my blog (Reflecting West). ZOE has always been a growth opportunity for me as well.