Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Life have been crazy the past several weeks or so. I went to St. Louis for the first time, I got to sing in Tulsa, I have the stress of moving in just over a week (and even had the potential of even that being up in the air).

Sometimes I wonder if getting sick is God's way of nicely telling us to slow down. Something like... "hey buddy, you're moving a little too fast for your own good, and since you won't slow down, maybe you should lie in bed and stare at your ceiling for a few days, rest and be still."

Okay, so maybe not. I spent the weekend (well Saturday night and Sunday) a week ago recovering from Tulsa. I felt a little funny this past Saturday (I said goodbye to Guitar Hero III for my Wii. I decided to take the Activision refund deal. You can't beat them sending you a check for $132. I'll save it towards a PS3 or Xbox when the time comes. But I digress...). I woke up this Sunday not feeling better, and my throat was pretty sore. I wondered if that was the onset of the ickiness. I've felt progressively worse. I needed to discuss some things with my boss on Monday, but he was out sick. Today I had some other things to attend to, so I went. By the end of today, I was coughing my head off. And still am. I've got some throat spray, the last of my 4/$5 32oz Gatorade, some cold medicine,
ibuprofen, and my comfy pillow.

Oh and a laptop. Very crucial. LOL.

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