Monday, March 3, 2008

St. Louis, corvettes, hockey, Chevy's and computer programmers

It's been a few days! I have a few posts working. But I wanted to post something to make sure you know I'm alive, both of you. LOL. (a special shout-out to those of you reading on facebook).

I got a crazy idea (no comments, pul-ease) a few weeks ago about going and seeing the Sharks and the St. Louis Blues when the Sharks came to town. I'd never been to St. Louis before, but figured it wouldn't be too bad, even if I drove there Saturday, then drove back. It's about a 4-5 hour drive from my pad. I talked to a friend of mine from OP, see if he might be interested in going. He sounded pretty interested, and after getting the OK, I bought us tickets online for the game, and he picked up the tab on gas. It was a nice family deal, the four of us driving down together, spent the night at his parents, and Saturday the two of us were off to St. Louis!

Saturday morning I snapped this pic of a county sheriff in a Corvette:

corvette cop

Click to see a larger picture. The right bumper reads, "This car was seized from a drug dealer." Awesome.

We headed to Busch Stadium II, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. It was a blast. I hope to upload some photos of the ballpark tour soon. We'll see.

That afternoon, we visited the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. You may have never heard of it. But you've probably heard of the St. Louis arch! Ok well that's the same thing. I got a lot of pictures there too, some of which would ... uh... look really good here. When I post them!

After catching a movie (Vantage Point, great flick!!), almost losing my camera's SDHC card, eating at Chevy's for dinner (HOORAY CHEVY'S!), and finding my camera's memory card, we headed to the Scottrade Center, a.k.a. the Kiel Center, a.k.a. the Savvis Center. Those of you San Francisco fans feel this pain (Candlestick Park, 3Com Park, Monster Park, Pacific Bell Park, SBC Park, AT&T Park, etc). The arena was a bit different. I've been to San Jose's HP Pavilion twice (and really... I do love that name!), there is one concourse, lower arena fans exit the concourse downward to their seats, and upper arena fans exit upward to their seats. There are two decks, one main concourse. Easy! In St. Louis, there are three decks, and two concourses. It makes things a little difficult for getting around. As a result, our seats were a bit higher than I thought they would be. But for $25 (plus $7 in fees), they weren't exactly terrible.

I got some great pictures of the action, including the King-Shelley fight. It was a good game, but the Blues were simply no match for the Sharks. Mike Grier's short-handed goal off a turnover sealed the deal, and the Sharks went home 2-0 winners.

Sunday was not as exciting, got up, went to church in Owensville, MO, then drove home. The weather was in the upper 70s, that's something to cheer about! Later that day it dipped down into the 30s, so much for that. One last funny thing. I get into my car to head home (my friends drove), and there's a place that displays the date. Hyundai must have had a bright programmer. My date read "Feb 31". I thought it was some strange fluke. Today (the Thurs after) it read "Feb 35". So much for good help. I want to see how high it eventually goes!

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