Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't you love English?

I've got 1500 pictures to go through from my trip, so pardon me it if takes a few days. Many of them are duplicates, where I shot the same thing about 10 times, 5 of them washed out with a flash and 5 are blurry from lack of light. :o) I think I've got a few gems, a few sunset pics, some beautiful flora, a beach (or two or three), and some panoramic highlights.

A side note (and the unfortunate purpose of my blog post today): Don't you love English (or english)? When choosing the suffix '-able' or '-ible', the rule is that if the root word (everything up until '-able' or '-ible') is an actual word, you would use '-able'. Take for instance, the word 'reasonable'. Since 'reason' is an actual word, you would use '-able' on the end. Take the word 'permissible'. Wait, bad example, it appears that 'permiss' is actually a word (even though spell check disagrees with Webster). So why does it use '-ible'? What about the word 'accessible'? Why not 'accessable', since 'access' is a real word?

I can tie this in with my trip. Sorta. One night, the entertainment was magician Mike Super, who won the American Idol-like magic TV show "Phenomenon" (yes I used spell check on that too). He was doing an illusion, and got off on a tangent. He said he wanted to introduce a new word to everyone's vocabulary, the word 'lavenous', an adjective which means absolutely nothing. However, if you are proud of your 'lavenousness', you can get a lavenous t-shirt to strut your stuff.

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