Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 12: Puerto Vallarta

20080521_075751Puerto Vallarta was a cute little city! It was definitely smaller than Acapulco. We went on... yes, you guessed it, another city tour! The zip line excursion was all booked, and golf was way too expensive.

The first thing you notice is Wal-Mart is directly across the street from the ship. How about that! Yes, we went... I found an awesome gray silky button-up shirt with iguanas on it.

We had another cruise ship come into port just after us. I didn't think there'd be enough room for the both of us to fit!

20080521_095114 Puerto Vallarta is a city of iguanas. We saw several on our short walk through part of the city. It was neat to get to walk around the city with our group. We passed shops, eateries, street painters, even went in an old Catholic church.

What really caught my eye was the flora. I got several shots of some flowers that just really caught the sun beautifully:

20080521_104155 20080521_104245

We didn't really do much that afternoon. We rested. That evening I didn't even take pictures of the dinner menus! The next morning we'd be pulling into Cabo San Lucas for our last port of call. And it was my favorite. Tune in next time (I promise it won't be a month!) at

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