Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 13: Cabo San Lucas

For those of you just joining us (or if you've forgotten since I've taken forever), I'm doing a recap of my 15-day Disney Magic repositioning cruise through the Panama Canal. DCL repositioned the Magic from Port Canaveral to San Pedro for the summer, and actually just yesterday set sail back. Onto the magical day in Cabo.

I woke up the morning of Cabo early (we had to adjust our clocks another hour back), and woke up with a bit of a sore throat. Some other cruisers called it "the Cabo crud." It was fitting. Regardless, I woke up around 6am-ish, looked out our stateroom window, and saw this:


Wow... Ok so just take me back right now! The blue ocean, the marine layer, the light off the rocks... Yep, this was my fav place. We took...ok everybody say it with me... a city tour.

20080522_102234Our first stop was a hotel, overlooking the small bay of Cabo. Cabo San Lucas literally means the cape of Saint Luke. If not, I just made that up. Don't blame me, I took 2 years of "thank-you-very-much" at St. Pats, and don't even remember any French. Except... oh nevermind. Where was I.... Ah yes, Cabo. And city tours. Turns out our tour guide (a lovely woman who gave us her email address and I've forgotten, but it had something to do with smile 2000 and yahoo) anyway, she teaches Spanish up in Chester, CA which is just across Lake Almanor from where I went to Sierra Bible Camp. Back in the day. My parents wanted to take a picture of me, so I finally posed next to some sort of agave plant. Maybe I should have taken off my backpack, I look like a photogeek wanna-be.

Back to our city tour, we next went to San Juan de Cabo, I guess John was Luke's brother. And they both had capes. Like superheroes. Here's the town square in San Juan de Cabo, and the family.

The third stop was to Cactimundo, a cactus farm! They created this cactus arangement just for us. You can see more cactus photos on my photo gallery.

Our final stop was at a glass blowing place. The glass was beautiful!

20080522_125911 20080522_130353

The tour ended and they gave us the option of being dropped off in the city, rather than being taken back to the dock to reboard the ship. We stopped in town, did some sightseeing and shopping before heading back. We stopped by the famous Cabo Wabo. Dad and I were going to get Hawaiian shirts, but they were like $75 so we said no thanks. :)

Before heading back to the ship, I went around to the far side and got one last shot of the beautiful Disney Magic:
20080522_144548 20080522_170706

At night, we had our last evening in Animator's Palate. It was "Pirates in the Carribbean" night, although we had been in the Pacific for several days. Just don't teach the kids. Grandpa looks like a menacing pirate, if only he could see through his bandana. Patricio, our assistant dining server found a butter knife, and you know pirates of the Pacific with butter knives are always up to no good!

I was really not hungry this evening for dessert, so when it came time for me to order, I simply said I'd pass. Maybe they took that a little too literally!


One last look at the beautiful Cabo San Lucas at sunset:


We went up on deck 10 for the Pirates in the Carribbean party! It was chilly, in fact I got a nifty sweatshirt that I plan on wearing this winter. The captain turned the boat, and we had a nice fireworks show to cap off the evening. It looked like there were plenty of people wanting to get pictures of the fireworks show! I have more fireworks and pictures in the gallery.

Check back again soon for the last two days at sea, embarkation in San Pedro, one exhausting day at Disneyland, and the end of the trip at!


James said...

First, looks like you put the wrong link at the end there (mynameisjonas, instead of notjonas). I only mention because i clicked on it from Bloglines.

Second, nice fireworks pics. I have some from New Year's on Sydney Harbor in Australia. I'll send you a link in Facebook.

jeremy said...

Well that'll teach me not to blog late at night! Thanks for the correction.

I also didn't have a tripod with me, so the pictures didn't come out all that well, especially at night. I have some I took back in 2003 that came out wonderfully, but I don't have the full resolution copies, only 1024x768 'webified' versions that I made before I lost my HDD.

I checked out your Sydney pics, very nice!