Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jeans, bowling, pizza, and Coke

Costco routinely carries Lucky jeans for $37. I'm not one of them stylish clothing people (just ask anyone I know!). At Christmas last year (when I landed a day before my bags did), I had to pick up some clothes so I could atleast like shower (yeah, I know, gross right, thanks Southwest!). Mom had to stop by Costco to pick up something, and my sis noticed the Lucky jeans. I ended up with a pair and the rest as they say is history. There really isn't anything special about them, they're just comfortable. Real comfortable. In the past I've worn Wranglers, Levis, whatever, I just really like the feel of them. I've heard they cost much more other places, so I guess I am.... Lucky.... to get such a great deal! (*groan*)

Not to mention, I got a slice of Costco combo pizza for lunch. :)

Lets see what am I up to? League bowling last night, and the Pin Wheels team all had a great night. Personally, I rolled a 155 and 172, both well above my average going into the evening of 139. I think it was the shoes!

I made a trip to the Whole Foods market. Veeerrry different. No, I'm not one of those organicky people, I'm just on the hunt for mexican Coke. Yes... mexican Coke. In places where you can find it, it's more expensive than regular US Coke, but worth it. It's a different taste than the Coke you're used to. I can't explain it. It's different. Why? Well it's made with pure cane sugar. Yes, the good stuff. I can't describe the difference in taste, I wouldn't call it sweeter, but maybe it is.

Anyway, I went to Whole Foods market, I heard a rumor that there was some there. They did have an off-brand cola that was made with sugar. I did get it, it tasted closer, but not quite the same. But I couldn't find the real stuff. I kept looking, and looking and looking, and no dice. Maybe they had it and were just out when I was there. I did find it online from some soda shop in SoCal. Get this, it's $30 for a case of 24 12-oz bottles (like the one on the left). Oh yeah, that and ground shipping brings it to $75. I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to pay over $3 for 12-oz of soda! Until I find it, the thirst continues....

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Christy said...

Costco in Concord has been Carrying Mexican Coke (not surprising considering Concord is turning into little Mexico). It's freaking expensive there too - but more like $20 for a crate of bottles. If I drank coke, I might indulge, but I don't. So, que sera.