Friday, October 10, 2008

New Singing Group

I was asked to join a new singing group several weeks ago, and I've really been dying to do some singing. It's left a pretty big void in my life for a long while.

We have Rachel and Brittany on soprano, Amy, Rebekah, and Tawnya as altos, Justin and I on tenor, and Barry as the lone bass. It would be good if we could add a baritone and a bass, maybe someone to do vocal perc too. We'd also like to do some female-only and male-only pieces. The ladies can do that with five rich voices (emphasis on the rich, they are all very talented!). On the other hand, we three males wouldn't exactly fill out a good chord. We're not one of them Mongolian chanters who can sing two pitches at once.

I thought it sounded very good for the few weeks we've been rehearsing together as a group. It's also very refreshing to work with people who pick up music so quickly. Granted, most of the songs we've done so far haven't been all that complicated or difficult, but we've picked them up pretty quickly.

I'd love to post an MP3 of a song we did a week ago called "Go Ye Now In Peace" but I'm unsure of the copyright implications of mass distributing a performance. But hey, if you'd like to hear it, shoot me an email, and I'm sure I can figure out something. ;-)

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