Thursday, October 9, 2008

So Colorful

ZOE's conference is held at the Woodmont Hills church in south Nashville. One of the neat things about the Woodmont Hills church is how colorful it is! The auditorium is really a glorified multipurpose room, but it has some outstanding color. The west side of the building (which sits on a slight slope) has some awesome color:

The rainbow wall was interesting. Light enters through a clear window, hitting a brick wall painted with a particular color. The light bounces off and onto the side wall of the building, creating the cool effect. As the theme was "Fearless", an orangey/yellow color was dominating. It shows strength, passion, and propensity not to give in or up.

On our way out Saturday night, we poked our head inside the children's ministry classroom, where they have "kids' church", or "childrens' bible hour" whatever you want to call it. Talk about a splash of color!

The flowers and petals are actually painted on the purple carpet. What a bright, warm, inviting place for kids to worship!

What do your favorite colors say about you? How do you use color in different areas of your life? Post a reply back at

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