Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's been nearly a year since I've gone bowling, I think the last time was in the basement of the Kansas State University student union. I was floored that they had a 16-lane bowling alley. Sometimes I wish I had gone to a school like that.

I was asked today by my friend Justin if I'd fill in on their bowling team. I thought it'd be fun, so I agreed. We had a great time. I didn't realize that two of my good friends from the chorale were also on the team. Evidently, this is a league of bowlers all from my church.

How'd I do? Well, I bowled my 2nd and 3rd best games ever. I led off with a suprising 176. Although on one of my three open frames in that game, I was 'iced' by some technical difficulties. We had lots of issues with the automatic scoring system. I followed that game up with a 190, my 2nd best game ever (after a 192). I kept trying to tell people I'm not this good. LOL. They didn't believe me. My second game was funny, it went something like this:


Talk about crazy. I was a little bummed because I didn't pickup any of my possible spares. I mean, a 190 isn't bad at all, but had I picked up one or two of those other frames, I would have definitely broken 200 for the first time ever. :o)

I haven't been able to get out and take pictures lately, or atleast any of note. I can't wait for spring and some green foliage! However, I have updated my pictures here with some larger ones on my Flickr account.

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