Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sore Legs and Fingers

I did get to ice skate on Saturday. It's been a little while, but I had fun. I forgot how many kids have their birthday parties on Saturdays at ice rinks. It was odd being there all by myself when everyone else is a parent, or 8 years old, or part of a small group of teens. I enjoyed it a lot, it gave me a workout. I was most worried about my ears. When I was 7, I had tubes put in my ears, and they seem to be sensitive to cold weather if I'm out in it for long periods of time. I believe the last time I went ice skating, my ears hurt so much I had to stop. While they did hurt a little this time, it wasn't unbearable. I took a few breaks and I think it helped.

At Pepsi Ice Midwest, there are 3 rinks, and at one of the other rinks there was a hockey game going on between high school-age traveling club teams. One was from Wichita, the other... well I couldn't tell. The Wichita team dressed 18 skaters in nice, matching sweaters. The other team had atleast 3 different types of sweaters on, and I couldn't read where they were from. They only had 10 skaters, leaving them woefully thin on reserves. After two 15-minute periods, the Wichita team was up 10-0. Ouch. I watched for a few minutes, while taking breaks from skating. The Wichita team had one fan (a mom I'm guessing) who was rather loud in support of her team. It brought back baseball memories, although it's funny, in hockey, there's an 8-foot high glass that reflects the sound back at the fans, unlike baseball where the sound dies out on the field.

After 2 hours of skating (plenty for me), I stopped for lunch at Panera. It's one of my favorite places, and normally reserved for my weekly Sunday outing with my good friends. I couldn't pass up a good asiago roast beef sandwich. I took my laptop and listened to music. I had every intention of finishing up a book review, but alas, listening to music is just more fun. :o) I copied a lot of MP3s over to my phone and that drained my laptop battery quickly. So much for music.

After a trip to Costco (I bought a cookbook!), I headed over to my co-worker and friend's house for a night of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You can't beat that! (Unless you play the drums, yuk yuk yuk). I got to play drums for a few songs, I can do decent on some medium songs, and i'm 95-97% or so. I still don't like the Rock Band guitars, I guess I'm just partial to the Guitar Hero ones. I feel like they're easier to play. I got to play Guitar Hero 2 for a few games (until an unfortunate, shocking, incident involving static and the green button), and then Guitar Hero 3 on Wii (which involved another incident involving a dark cola and new Italian leather sofa).

I finally got home and to bed around 2am. And it was reeeeaaaalllly cold, about -4 F. Now let me tell you, that is cold. But I think if you get below about 20F, it's all cold from there. When it gets cold, you just have to keep moving. Even if it means your legs get sore.

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