Tuesday, April 8, 2008


No, no, it's okay, I'm still a manly man, don't be fooled by the title.

I am moved into my new apartment, much closer to civilization, and no more 30 minute drives home from having fun in the city with all of you (or both of you, depending on what the definition of is is. Okay, just joking on that last part). I'm moved in, but not moved in.

I got listening to some old tunes tonight. When I say old, I mean back when there was good stuff. :o) Anyway, I found a song from the Seltzer collection. If you never knew Seltzer ("Modern Rock To Settle Your Soul"), you need to be checked. Seltzer 1 was awesome (dc Talk's "Jesus Freak", Jars of Clay "Liquid", PFR "Garden", Plankeye "B.C.", MXPX "Teenage Politics", and more), and Seltzer 2 followed it up with a nice hit from a group called Seven Day Jesus called "Butterfly". in addition to having a catchy pop/tune, the lyrics are awesome:

You see me it's not me
It's something underneath my skin
I wanna tear it all away,
And show the beauty that's within.
Begin to come unglued
And throw away the older me
Just give it time and then you'll see

I wanna be a butterfly, flying in the sky with you, today
I wanna lose this old cocoon
I wanna do it soon, and fly away, away

So tired of always crawlin' up the tree
To fall back down again
This lovely place where I began
It's not the place I'm gonna end --
Up so before you sum up all
The missing pieces of my head
There's so much further I can get

(Repeat CHORUS)

Your wind is underneath my wing
It carries me away
It's you -- My God -- That makes me sing
When I'm on my way
Change a little every day

(Repeat CHORUS)

You take what's old and make it new
So I can be with you, and fly away, away
I like those last two lines: "You take what's old and make it new so I can be with you."

Just like a butterfly.

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