Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Favorite Advertisements

I know companies mean well by their advertisements, but is it possible they can get it wrong sometimes?

Just because I have Verizon Wireless as my cell phone carrier doesn't mean I would like to have some guy with a receding hairline and gray outfit following me around everywhere. Not to mention, he comes with a large crowd of random people wearing hard hats. That's kinda creepy, like a legion of stalkers, listening to my every phone call. I mean I get the point, they are trying to convey that when you subscribe to their service you get lots of people who are working for you. But can't they be more behind the scenes? Like maybe... not show them at all? Of course you can't complain since their "Can you hear me now? GOOD!" slogan.

The other advertisement slogan that really jumps out at me is the Army. I know the men of the armed forces do a great job, and I applaud them for their work. But I think they need a better recruiting slogan. If I'm a soldier, hunkering down in some rat hole, bullets whizzing past my head, dirt, mud, blood everywhere, bombs, deafening explosions... the last thing on my mind is that I'm an army of one. Does that mean I'm all alone? Does that mean I have to make treaties with other soldiers? Okay, so I get that unity means that the whole army moves together as one, but at the same time...

It was decided on Friday that I'd be going to SharePoint Connections in Orlando next week! Sweet, it's gonna be a blast. I remember seeing the huge Marriott complex when I was out there in 2006, now I'll get to stay at it! The conference figures to really teach us a few things about Microsoft SharePoint and we'll put that into practice at work.

And now... a relaxing afternoon of the Masters in HD. :-)


Bek said...

Jeremy has a blog?! I didn't know! Out of my own curiousity I clicked on your name from the comment you left, and voila! A new blog! Sweet! I don't know how long you've been a blogger, but it's good to see you in the blogosphere!

jeremy said...

Welcome! Here's a few of my favorite posts if you want to catch up :o)

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Devion said...

I just came to your blog today, too! :) I'm book-marking you, so you'd better be exciting! :)