Saturday, April 19, 2008

Orlando Blogging

I made it safe and sound to Orlando!

After the airport, I had lunch at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. It was pretty good, even with the Disney markup ($16 for a cheeseburger).

I got a chance to eat dinner with my good friend Becky for dinner at Kobe. The food was good, although I have to say their sauces don't compare to Benihana. I missed my ginger sauce. At Kobe, they had some sort of ranch-mayo sauce, I dunno it didn't do much for me. The other sauce was okay, but just different. Regardless, the food was good. The presentation and environment was much like Benihana, everything from their tricks (e.g. the volcano, flipping the shrimp tail in their hat, birthdays).

I've uploaded my pictures to my photo website. You can view my Orlando album here:

I'm going to bed. More tomorrow!

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