Tuesday, April 15, 2008

They Paved Paradise, and Put In An Old Navy

50 years ago today (April 15th 1958) at 1:34pm, a new era began in Major League Baseball. The San Francisco Giants played their first home game in Seals Stadium, former home of the minor league San Francisco Seals. On that day, the Giants beat their new west coast partners and nemesis' the Los Angeles Dodgers 8-0. Ruben Gomez pitched a complete game shutout, while the Giants rocked Don Drysdale for 6 runs in 3 2/3 innings. In the 5th inning, Giants rookie (and future 1958 Rookie of the Year) Orlando Cepeda "The Baby Bull" hit his first home run in his first major league game.

I was curious where exactly Seals Stadium stood 50 years ago. I happened to find it on Google Maps. Using the street view, it looks like the block of16th, Potrero, Alameda, and Bryant streets has been replaced by a parking lot, 24 hour fitness, and an Old Navy. Oh well, I suppose that's progress, right!

This year's Giants were picked by many to be last in the National League West. Currently, they are 6-8 and sit tied for 3rd, yet only 1/2 game from the cellar. Not exactly bad! I think I might like these kids.

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