Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back from Orlando, Sharks NHL Playoffs

I made it back from Orlando, it was a good and productive trip.

I just watched the San Jose Sharks lose game 2 of the Western Conference Semi-finals to Dallas. For some reason, Versus just bugs me. Maybe it's indicative of most sports shows, but at the conclusion of the game they said something like this: "The Sharks have been a great road team this year, but they've never come down from an 0-2 deficit in the playoffs."

What does their previous years' in the playoffs have anything to do with this team, this year? I mean, it's all in the spin, but they made it sound like "they've never done it before, so it looks pretty bleak!" I think the Versus play-by-play commentators are pretty decent, much better than the crappy "homer" CBC broadcasters from the Sharks-Flames series.

Ok I'm going to bed.


Bek said...

Hey! Long time no update! Get to blogging!

Bek said...

HEY! Time to update!